Art & Craft Fair

Art & Craft Fair FAQs

Typical review time is 5-7 business days or sooner. Notification is done via snail mail or email. If you have not heard back within 10 business days, please call Shari Wagner at 608-863-0923.

Yes, you will have to pay the full amount for a booth space no matter what the reasoning. We also require our exhibitors to participate for the duration of the weekend.

You are welcome to begin setting up anytime Thursday between 8:00AM and 2:00PM. Please note you must set up on Friday before 2:00PM. Your assigned spot will be given away if you are not there by 2:00PM. Take down of booths is to begin no earlier than 6:00PM Saturday until 11:00AM Sunday. Art exhibits are open to the public Friday from 3:00PM to 7:00PM and Saturday from 10AM to 6:00PM. You are allowed to open up as early as 8:00AM, but it is not required. Artists will need to cart/carry items while tearing down on Saturday. Driving vehicles to booth for teardown on Saturday in NOT permitted.

The artist check in booth is located halfway through the booth locations. Please review map for tent location.

There are designated parking lots on the festival grounds. Each lot is marked by black restricted signs on the map.  There will be a parking pass included in your packet which will allow you to park in the restricted area for the artists and crafters. This location is highlighted on the map in your artist packet.

Due to limited parking spaces in our restricted lots, each booth will receive only one parking pass. For extra vehicles, you will have to use our general parking lots.

There are parking lots specified for artist parking, which should help you have easier access to your booth. The artist parking lot is the closest parking lot to the art booths. We also have handicap accessible porta johns.

While we try our best to meet everyone’s requests, we are not always able to accommodate with the overall flow of the event.

No, please contact the Art Fair Committee for camping options.

You only have to set up on Friday morning and tear down on Saturday night or Sunday morning. We will have some security controlling the grounds at night, but we are not liable for anything that may happen during the night. We have not had any problems in the past.

No, if you buy two spaces, there will be a fee of $80 with only two wristbands and one parking pass.

Each accepted booth application comes with 2 wristbands. Additional wristbands can be purchased for $10 a piece at one of the gate locations on the days of the event.

There are no types of discounts for this event.

While we don’t recommend anyone drinking during the art show, if you would like a 21+ wristband, please visit a wristband booth and show them your ID to exchange wristbands.

Electricity will NOT be provided at the event. You will be allowed to bring a quiet generator ONLY under approval of the Ashley for the Arts Committee.

We do have some volunteers that are there to watch over your booth for a short amount of time or run and get you food if you need them to. Please note that these volunteers are assisting other exhibitors as well and will not be able to assist for long periods of time.

We have many food vendors attending this year; you can find their menu on our website under the Food Vendors tab.

If there is someone watching over your booth you are able to watch the performances. Keep in mind that most performances don’t start until after the art fair closes.

Yes, unless you have a certain type of exemption, we are required to report all vendors to the state of Wisconsin. Therefore we need each exhibitor’s tax account # as well as the last 4 digits of your SSN or FEIN.

No, you do not have to report anything about what you sold during the event.

There is a broad range of prices that our vendors sell their product for. We recommend staying true to what you typically sell your items for.

During the event you can contact the art fair volunteers or assistance center where there are volunteers to help assist you move large items for your customers or when setting up.

There will be no types of refunds, no matter what the reasoning.

Our goal is to provide our event attendees with a wide variety of booths and artwork being featured. We do not have a set number on the specific types of vendors allowed. Please feel free to visit our Art & Craft Fair page for more on what types of work are being showcased.