2020 Application available Jan. 3

Application Closed for Ashley for the Arts 2019

Serving Hours

Friday, August 9: 12:00PM – 12:00AM
Saturday, August 10: 12:00PM – 12:00AM
Vendors must stay with their booth during these times. Food vendors are allowed to open as early as 9:00AM, but are not required to. Hours of operation extend beyond dark, vendors are responsible for lighting their own booth. This is an all-weather event.

Booth Space

If accepted, food vendors will be placed within the limits of our food vendor areas. Ashley for the Arts reserves the right to change vendor locations without notice in accordance with changes that are made to the grounds. The space assigned at vendor check-in is the only space allotted to you. If you find during set-up that you will need more space, you must contact the vendor coordinator who may contract additional space based on availability. Displays must be contained within your space. Space allotted will depend on the size of your booth and electrical requirements in which must be listed on your application. Please be aware that ground may be uneven. You may be placed on asphalt, grass, or gravel.


Food vendors must provide all necessary items to prepare and serve their food. Ashley for the Arts will NOT provide any equipment needed for the sale/preparation of your product (ex: tent, tables, chairs, service counters, storage unit, dishes, coolers, cooking utensils, etc.) You must also provide disposable plates, napkins and eating utensils.

All equipment, supplies and overstock must be stowed and hidden within the space provided. No unsightly materials or equipment should be visible to the crowd.

Booths MUST be anchored to the ground by weights. In the event of high winds or inclement weather, booth owners are responsible and liable for the security and safety of their structures, as well as anything contained within.


Booth acceptance is based on, but not limited to the following: previous history with us, our desire to offer an assortment of menus and completion of all required documentation. Ashley for the Arts reserves the right to deny an applicant for any reason. Ashley for the Arts reserves the right to cancel any contract upon receipt of notice from any fair, festival or other event that the exhibitor/concessionaire has been suspended, expelled from or otherwise penalized for violation of contract terms or rules of venue. Returning vendors are given a priority but are not guaranteed a spot or the same location as previous years if accepted.

Notice of acceptance will be emailed no later than March 31, 2019. Email will be the primary mode of communication. If your email address changes, it is your responsibility to notify us.

Booth Fee

If accepted, a nonrefundable $150 booth fee will be due, within 30 days of acceptance.

Required Documents

The below documents must be completed and submitted by July 1, 2019. If documentation is not received, you will be removed from the event and a replacement will be contacted.
• Wisconsin Temporary Event Operator Form
• Certificate of Liability Insurance
• Trempealeau County Health Dept. License or DATCP License

Wristbands & Parking Passes

Food vendors will be given FOUR (4) admission wristbands per booth. Additional wristbands (after the 4 provided) may be purchased at the gate for $15 each. Food vendors will be given ONE (1) restricted area vehicle parking pass per booth.


Specific nonprofits remain to have exclusive rights to sell specific items. You must omit the following products from your menu:
• Beverages (include any specialty beverages on your application for request of approval)
• Charcoaled Chicken

All products and prices must be listed on your application for review. You may not sell any additional items without written consent from Ashley for the Arts. Exclusivity of food vendor products is not guaranteed.

Glass bottles are prohibited on grounds and are not allowed to be sold.

Food Sales

Ashley for the Arts does not guarantee sales at your booth. Hawking and making sales outside of your approved booth space is not permitted under any circumstance. Tip jars are prohibited.

All food sales will be conducted using a food ticket system. Tickets will have a face value of $1.00, therefore products must be priced in dollar increments. VENDORS FOUND TO BE SELLING, RECYCLING TICKETS AND/OR ACCEPTING CASH WILL BE ESCORTED OFF OF EVENT GROUNDS IMMEDIATELY! Ashley for the Arts reserves the right to suspend serving privileges for inappropriate behavior and/or remove vendor from the event.

All tickets must be brought to the Arcadia middle school (volunteer check-in) on Friday and Saturday night at close of the event to be weighed. Altered, torn, wet or dirty tickets will result in a loss of payment. Ashley for the Arts will collect 20% of total sales before taxes from each food vendor. Payment to vendors will be available Sunday at 9:00AM in the pavilion OR if vendor desires, mailed within five business days.

Sales Tax

Vendors are responsible for collecting, reporting and paying their own local state sales tax on all items sold at the event. Current tax rate for the state of Wisconsin is 5.5%. A copy of your tax permit must be displayed on site during operations. To obtain a Wisconsin sales tax number, visit www.revenuewi.gov or call 609-226-2776.


Vendors must set up their booth on Thursday at their confirmed load-in time. Assigned load-in times and specific event information will be sent via email by July 31. Vendors will be allowed to drive to their booth at this time only. Vendors are not allowed to enter the site until their scheduled load-in time, unless otherwise permitted by coordinator. All vehicles must be off the closed street by 3:00PM on Thursday. There are no food sales on Thursday.

Vendors must include all load-in/load-out requirements, along with a detailed diagram including a clearly marked serving side and booth dimensions (including tongue and access dimensions used to haul). Assigned load-in times will be set in accordance to your vehicle/setup type. Be sure to include any special load-in or load-out requirements on your application. Special requests are not guaranteed to be granted. Food vendor may be charged for turf damage incurred during load-in or tear down due to careless driving or use during event.

Failure to arrive at your load-in time will result in removal from the event.


All vendors must load out Sunday between 2:00AM and 11:00AM. Allow 1-3 hours for load out. If your operation requires an earlier break-down, please list your request and reason in the special requirements section of the application.

Garbage & Grease

Vendors are responsible for maintaining a clean booth space. All trash from your operation must be removed and/or placed in proper receptacles at event end. Any vendor leaving materials behind will be billed for its removal. Grease barrels are provided for food vendors at no charge. If you need grease disposal, you MUST use the barrels that are provided. Festival volunteers will be available to pick up your trash during the event.


Ice storage units will not be provided. If you prepare a product on your menu using ice, you need to provide your own container for ice storage. Bagged ice will be available for purchase at the assistant center during festival hours. If you require ice prior to availability, please plan accordingly. $5/20lb bag. Total will be subtracted from your check at the end of the event.


Booth locations may be determined according to your power needs, so you MUST correctly specify your electrical requirements. Vendors must come prepared with their own power source, as there is no guarantee that onsite power will be provided.

All electrical equipment (power strips, multi-outlet taps, extension cords, etc.) must be grounded and protected by a GFCI/suitable for outdoor use. Cords shall not be in contact with metal fences. Cords shall be protected from traffic and located/protected to prevent a tripping hazard.

Items not allowed: Sirens, loud speakers, music, strobe lights, flashing/blinking/chasing lights or string lights (with the exception of constant-on LED lights located discreetly INSIDE booth). Vendors are encouraged to use clamp lights.

Safety Rules & Security

Each food vendor is required to have a fire extinguisher in their booth. All extinguishers must have a tag attached indicating a current annual inspection has been conducted.

LP gas cylinders/tanks must be securely fastened in place in an upright position to prevent unauthorized movement. Safety relief valves shall be pointed away from tents, canopies, buildings, etc. Cylinders shall be protected from vehicle traffic.

Ashley for the Arts provides general grounds security throughout the entire weekend of the event but is not responsible for damage to, loss, or theft of property belonging to a vendor, employees, business invitees, visitors or guests.


Tent fabric and/or canopies must meet the requirements for flame resistance in accordance with National Fire Protection Association Standard 701. A permanent affixed label bearing the identification and fabric or material type is required. Certification by other recognized agencies or testing facilities, such as the California State Fire Marshal or New York City may be accepted. Exception: Tents not exceeding 144 square feet and tents which do not contain cooking or heating appliances. Tent stakes must be capped or covered.


Restocking supplies and food items must be done by hand cart after your initial setup. No vehicles will be allowed inside event grounds until Sunday 2:00AM.


We encourage accepted vendors to advertise their appearance at our event. If you wish to obtain promotional brochures with event details to distribute, we will provide you with these upon request. However, vendors are not allowed to promote their appearance on social media or any other platform prior to acceptance (March 31).

Permitting/Health Department

It is the food vendor’s responsibility to comply with required food permits and licensing. For the guidelines, please call Trempealeau County Health Department 715-538-2311. Additional permits may need to be purchased in order to participate in the festival. Inspections will be conducted throughout the event.

If vendor attended year(s) past, and received any priority or priority foundation violations on their inspections, vendor application will not be accepted in future years.


All food vendors are required to have proof of insurance coverage, minimum $1,000,000 (one million) liability. Insurance must be in the form of a Certificate of Liability showing Ashley for the Arts as the certificate holder and have Ashley Furniture Industries listed as additionally insured as part of the application process. If you do not currently have insurance, you must purchase insurance and provide us with such documentation by the
application deadline.

The coverage type should not expire before the event and should be as follows:
General Liability – We prefer to see Med Pay of $10,000 and General Aggregate, Products of $2,000,000. Should show fire coverage when applicable. Check the check box for additional insured.
Automobile – Combined Single limit of $1,000,000.
Workers Compensation – coverage for the statuary limits.

The certificate holder should be Ashley for the Arts.

Additional Information

No pets of any kind allowed! This includes the festival grounds and all festival/staff parking areas. Do not leave animals in your vehicle, or animal control will be summoned. Service animals are the only animals allowed on grounds with proper paperwork readily available.

If the terms of this agreement are violated, the food vendor agrees that Ashley for the Arts may immediately revoke all rights of vendor including removal from booth space without refund of financial remuneration.

The decision of Ashley for the Arts shall be accepted as final in any disagreement between vendors or in the decision to remove from the festival without refund any vendor or his/her representative performing an act or practice which, in the opinion of Ashley for the Arts is objectionable. All matters not covered in this agreement are subject to the decision of Ashley for the Arts. If legal action must be taken, vendors will incur all legal fees.

Food vendor agrees that all information provided in their application is true and correct, that they have read and understand all policies and procedures outlined in this application. It is agreed that no other agreement shall be binding upon the parties unless in writing and signed by an authorized representative of Ashley for the Arts.

Food vendor agrees to hold harmless and indemnify Ashley for the Arts, Ashley Furniture Industries, City of Arcadia and any of their directors, officers, members, agents, volunteers, exhibitors or the owners of any festival related property from and against any and all liabilities, costs, damages, expenses and attorney’s fee resulting from or attributable to any and all acts and/or omissions of Exhibitor, its directors, officers, employees, agents, volunteers, exhibitors or the owners of any festival related property associated with Exhibitor’s booth and the booth’s operations and agree to be part of no legal action of any kind against any of them.


Application Closed