August 8, 9 & 10, 2024 | Arcadia, WI

Boogie and the Yo-Yoz


Friday, August 9
10:30 PM


Soldiers Walk Stage
551 Memorial Park Drive,
Arcadia, WI 54612

Boogie and the Yo-Yoz started performing for the masses in 1995 under our original name, Cornerstone. You’re probably saying, “WHAT?… I thought they were Yogi and the Boo Booz?”, and you’d be right. Only a few months in, at the recommendation of the band’s manager, we opted for a new name that people would not easily forget. That name, Yogi & the Boo Booz, was inspired by our original drummer’s nickname (Brian “Yogi” Yogerst). (Not after that pesky bear who steals picnic baskets.) Unfortunately, once our popularity started to grow, we caught the attention of Hanna-Barbera (creators of the Yogi Bear and Boo Boo characters from their famous cartoon). This became big news in the fall of 1997, as the band was forced to change our name or face legal trouble. At that year’s New Year’s show, we let the audience pick from 5 names to decide our future. At midnight on January 1st, 1998, based on the loudest cheers, we became Boogie and the Yo-Yoz and have held that name ever since.

Though traditionally a cover band, Boogie and the Yo-Yoz (Boogie for short) has written some original music. We released 2 Albums in the 90s that are no longer in circulation. “Breakaway Live” was all cover tunes, but the “Makin’ Tracks” album that followed did feature a couple originals. Then in 2012, we released the album Under the Covers featuring six covers and six originals. Our following Album, Christmas With You, features a selection of original Christmas music as well as Boogie’s take on some all-time classics. All of the originals were written in a different style to show our diversity. We are not a Pop band, a Country band, or a Rock band. We are an Everything band. Or I guess you could say a “Pocktry” band?? It’s safe to say, whatever your musical taste, we will have something for you.

Boogie has played a variety of shows types and venues including private and corporate events, weddings, from local taverns to regional outdoor festivals, opening for national acts, providing the backup band to pop-stars, and headlining county and state fairs. We have performed in front of audiences as small as few hundred at private events to crowds in the tens-of-thousands at festivals and other live shows.

Boogie and the Yo-Yoz’ current roster is made up of an all-star 8 member team with a dynamic range of musical capabilities. Original members, Dave Lange (bas guitar) and Eric Peters (lead guitar) are backed up by an all-star cast including Kevin Baker on drums, Paige Baker as female lead vocalist, Lorenzo Fredenberg as male lead vocalist, Mike Barden on keys, and Jake Opperman on sax (and anything else that needs playing). Their newest member, John Leja fills a vacancy on rhythm guitar, but also plays trumpet and other instruments. Every member of this band is a career musician and entertainer. We are dedicated to bringing their fans the highest quality most engaging live music experience possible.

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