What are the Terms and Conditions for the Meet and Greet Contests?

You can view the full Terms and Conditions for the Meet and Greet Contests here.


Is there nearby lodging available?

There is lodging available in surrounding cities. Please visit our Lodging tab for more information about hotels and campgrounds.

Is camping available at Memorial Park?

Camping at Memorial Park is limited to only all weekend volunteers/vendors and must have approval from event management. Please visit our Lodging tab for more information about local campgrounds.

How do I obtain VIP wristbands, backstage passes, or Meet & Greets?

VIP wristbands are designated for our event sponsors only and allow access to the main stage reserved seats.  Backstage has restricted access and access is only obtained through event management. Meet & Greet passes are available through giveaways on our participating radio stations and Facebook promotions. The only way to obtain a Meet & Greet is to listen to local radio channels for opportunities to win and by following Ashley for the Arts Facebook page.


VIP wristbands, backstage passes or Meet & Greets are not available for sale at the event.

“I won a Meet & Greet!” Where do I go?

Meet & Greet winners should check-in to the Meet & Greet area 3 hours before the entertainer performs. Volunteers will mark your arrival at the festival grounds and you will receive further information upon check-in. Please refer to your Meet & Greet pass for a map with instructions and phone number for further questions.

Where do I find the Meet & Greet pictures?

Meet & Greet pictures are uploaded to the Ashley for the Arts website www.ashleyforthearts.com one week after the event. They will be put under the Gallery tab.

Approximately how long do the concerts last? When does the last concert take place?

Each concert varies, but majority are contracted to play 60–90 minutes.

The last concerts will begin Friday at 10:00PM in the Pavilion and on the Main Stage. The last concerts on Saturday will begin at 10:00PM on the Main Stage and in the Pavilion.

Do concerts overlap? Will I have time to get from the Main stage to Amphitheater?

Yes, some of the concerts do overlap. Please review the event schedule for details on start times for the different stages. The Main Stage to the Amphitheater is a short walk allowing you to enjoy the multiple performances.

Is seating available at the concerts? Am I able to save seats?

Attendees wanting to sit should bring their own lawn chairs for the Main Stage performances. Chair placement is on a first-come-first serve basis. Please note, chairs placed in walkways, standing stage view area, or non-seating areas will be moved. Ashley for the Arts is not liable for any moved, damaged, or stolen property.


Amphitheater and Pavilion seating is on a first-come-first-serve basis.  There is limited seating at these two stage locations.

How family friendly is the event? What is the average attendance?

Ashley for the Arts is a non-profit initiative that provides the entire family with world class entertainment, art, exercise and play for a remarkably low cost. It is also one of Wisconsin’s largest charity events, raising more than $425,000 annually for more than 40 non-profit organizations, including participating schools, children’s charities, medical research and financial support organizations for cancer patients. Ashley for the Arts had over 50,000 people in attendance at the 2017 event.

What can I NOT bring into the event?

No carry-in food or drink; no firearms or weapons; no pets (except service animals); no bullhorns or noisemakers; no skateboards or inline skates; no remote-controlled flying devices or UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles). All bags are subject to search at the gate. Any items confiscated by security will not be returned.

Can I bring my pet?

No, pets are not allowed on event grounds except certified service animals.

Can I bring my own food or beverages?

No, carry-ins are not allowed on festival grounds. We provide a wide variety of food and beverage options for purchase. EXCEPTION: Baby formula/infant foods are allowed to be brought into the festival grounds.

Is smoking allowed?

Smoking is strictly prohibited in the Pavilion, the seating areas of the Main Stage and Amphitheater, and other buildings on the park grounds. Designated smoking areas are provided. Although smoking is allowed in some areas of the park, please be considerate of the people around you. Security may ask you to refrain from smoking if it bothers those around you. You MUST follow the Security Staff’s instructions.

Is there Wi-Fi at the park?

There is Wi-Fi in the park, but it is very limited.

What happens on Thursday? Are there any performances?

On Thursday, we have the Pursuit of a Cure 5K Run/Walk and basket raffle. General public is invited to come and watch at no cost. You can sign up for the 5K Run/Walk on our Event webpage. All proceeds from the 5K Run/Walk and basket raffle benefit the American Cancer Society, Rita Tranberg Memorial and Arcadia Ambulance.

Does Ashley for the Arts accept debit or credit cards? Is there an ATM on site?

Cash or check are the only acceptable payment options for purchases on the event grounds. This includes admission wristbands, food and beverage tickets, and merchandise. There is an ATM located in the Pavilion.

What are the food options and approximately how much does it cost?

You can find a list of our food vendors and their menu’s on our Food Vendors page. We offer many different options with a variety of prices ranging from $2 to $10.

How do I purchase food and beverage?

In order to purchase food and beverages throughout the event weekend, you will need to visit one of our many ticket booths throughout the grounds. Each ticket is $1 in value. There are no carry-ins allowed.

Will alcohol be sold? Will I need a special wristband to drink alcohol?

A variety of beer and malt beverages are available at multiple bar locations around the park. Wine is available for purchase in the Pavilion.  You must be 21+ to purchase alcohol.

Attendees wishing to purchase beer or wine will need to have a 21+ wristband and may be asked to show ID again at the bar. Patrons can be turned away at the bartender’s discretion.

When is the Art & Craft Fair? Am I able to purchase items from the Art & Craft Fair?

The Art & Craft Fair starts on Friday at 3:00PM – 7:00PM and on Saturday at 10:00AM – 6:00PM. There is a wide variety of arts and crafts available for purchase from metal work, wood carving, jewelry, paintings and much more.  You can find a list of our artists and crafters on the Art & Craft Fair page. We are not responsible for any of the purchases that happen through the Art & Craft Fair.

Can we ride the hot air balloons?

Unfortunately the hot air balloons are for display only. There are no rides provided. Bystanders are able to assist with the setup of the hot air balloons—upon balloon owner’s discretion.

How long do the fireworks last and where do they take place?

The fireworks are launched near the Main Stage area, on the south end of the park grounds. The show lasts approximately 15 minutes.

Do I have to pay to watch my son/daughter perform for school?

Yes, as the school performances take place on the Ashley for the Arts grounds, admission wristbands will need to be purchased.

How much does it cost to register for the 5K Run/Walk, Car Show, Art & Craft Fair, or other events?

5K Run/Walk: $22.50 pre-registration; $25.00 day of event

Car Show: $10 day of event

Art & Craft Fair: $50 for 10’x10’ booth space or $80 for 10’ x 20’ booth space

***All other events are covered with the admission wristband purchase.

How do I volunteer for the event?

Please visit our Volunteer page to learn more about becoming a volunteer.  Our event has over 2,800 volunteers helping throughout the weekend.

What do I do after registering to volunteer? Am I able to get my wristband and t-shirt early?

Once you have contacted Ashley for the Arts to volunteer a member of the committee will be in contact with you.  You will select a day, time and work location to assist with at the event.

You are able to pick up your t-shirt and wristband early starting on Friday at 8:00AM.  They can be picked up at Volunteer Check-In located at the Arcadia Middle School. Please note that if you do not volunteer until Saturday, but pickup your t-shirt and wristband early, you will be responsible for them as replacement shirts and wristbands will not be given.

Is there a parking fee?

There is no fee for parking. We offer multiple free parking options that can be found on our website.  Each parking lot has free bus shuttles to bring you to the event grounds.

Are there shuttles from the parking lots to the events?

Shuttles are available throughout the event weekend to take attendees from all of our parking lot locations to the event grounds. There will also be a bus shuttle running to and from Pietrek Park Campground and all other parking lots to Memorial Park.

Is there handicap parking?

There is limited handicap parking and free bus shuttles will be provided.

Are there any roads blocked off?

Gaveny Road between County J and Pearl & Wilson Street is blocked off for bus traffic and restricted parking only traffic.  There is no travel on Reit Lane during the fireworks on Saturday. No Parking signs are posted on multiple streets but through traffic is allowed. Ashley for the Arts is NOT responsible for towing fees due to parked vehicles in no parking areas.

What happens if my car is towed?

If your car has been towed, it was parked in a No Parking zone or towed for emergency reasons. Please contact Suchla Towing at 608-323-2279. Vehicles are towed at the owner’s expense.

How much are the wristbands? Are there any discounts or refunds?

Wristbands are $10 per person and valid for the entire weekend. Children under the age of 3 do not need a wristband. There are NO discounts or refunds available as this is a non-profit charity event.

When do you start selling wristbands and tickets? Do you sell out of wristbands?

Wristbands are available starting at 8:00AM on Friday and Saturday. Tickets start selling at 10:00AM on Friday and 8:00AM on Saturday.  All wristbands gates are located at the event grounds entrances and ticket booths are throughout the park located near food vendors and beverage bars.

We do not sell out of wristbands or food and beverage tickets.

Can we buy wristbands ahead of time? Do you need separate tickets for the concerts?

There are no wristband presales. Wristbands are available for purchase at the gate on the days of the event. Wristbands allow you access to numerous festival attractions and all musical performances, including the headline entertainment.

Do I need to buy a new wristband each day? What happens if my wristband breaks?

No. The $10 admission wristband allows you access to the festival for the entire weekend. Please KEEP your wristband on for the entire weekend.

If your wristband breaks, you will need to purchase another $10 wristband to attend the event.