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Community Cares Grant

2024 Grant Application

Application Deadline

11:59 PM on December 31, 2024


2024 Grant Information

Applicant Eligibility
As a non-profit Ashley for the Arts is focused on supporting educational, civic and non-profit organizations that promote the arts, music, and broadening cultural horizons within their community. These organizations may include school districts, youth organizations or community organizations located within a 60-mile radius of Arcadia, WI.

Groups that are not included at this time are youth club sports with no school district affiliation, recreational clubs (i.e. snowmobile, hunting), religious or political groups.

Project Eligibility
The project must be community focused arts, music and/or cultural activities, accessible to the general public. Examples of projects include but are not limited to: public art installations, venue to host activities, workshops, performance uniforms, musical and theatrical productions.

Grant Criteria
Grants are awarded via a merit-based review process based upon the following criteria:
– Artistic, Musical and/or Cultural Merit
– Community Importance
– Local Outreach
– Practical Budget

Grant Amount
Grant may award up to $10,000.

Application Process & Deadline
The application deadline is 11:59pm on December 31, 2024. Applications are submitted as an online application. Applicants from past years are allowed to reapply.

Review Process
All applications will be reviewed by the Ashley for the Arts committee. The review process will begin January 3, 2024.

Award Notification & Distribution of Funds
All applicants will receive feedback via email by January 15, 2025, regarding the status of their application. The approved applicant(s) will receive additional details regarding distribution of the funds.

The project selected will need to provide Ashley for the Arts with a form of recognition. This recognition can be done by incorporating our logo on site, in promotional materials (i.e. banners, brochures, shirts), plaque, or promotional opportunities in interviews, newsletters, media releases.

Any questions please contact Ashley for the Arts at or 608-863-6700.

Past Recipients

2023 – The Fountain City Business and Community Group

2022 – Eau Claire Area Economic Development Corporation

2021 – Rainbow Community Club: Musical Playground Equipment

2020 – Independence School District: Community Murals

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